I share a space with Josh Cochran, Sam Weber, Daniel Salmieri, and John Custer in an big old pickle warehouse in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We've got a solar array and bees on the roof, and cheese aging in the sub-basement. It's a very happy place.



Jim Datz Studio
925 Bergen Street, Studio 303, Brooklyn, NY 11238 USA


For assignments, commissions, comments, collaborations and any other questions, please contact me via the form below. For information on availability of items that are not currently being sold in my shop, please inquire first with the individual retailers. In most cases, if it's not in my shop or their shop, it's sold out. Thank you!

For WHOLESALE ORDERS, please email below, and include "Wholesale" in the subject line.

Lastly, INTERNS, if you're a recent graduate or new to NYC, and are looking for an internship, first of all I'm sorry you have to do that. It'd be a lot cooler if businesses could hire you so you could learn on the job while getting PAID. Anyway, I'm unable to take anyone aboard right now, because I'm not set up to give you the experience and knowledge that I think you deserve (as opposed to busy work). At some point in the future, I will need help, and I'll shout and tweet and make that known. Thank you + good luck with your search!

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